Cat Talk, Can you understand your furry feline?


cat talkCat talk. Yes, you’ve heard your cat talk. In fact, some cats talk very loudly when they want to make sure they are heard. However, do you know what his meows mean? And even more, do you understand his quiet body language?




Cat talk, your gateway to a great relationship with your feline.

cat talk


Most dog owners know what a wagging tail on Rover means as they arrive home. Unfortunately, most cats resist any urge they may have to greet you at the door. While your kitty may purr when you come near him, he is unlikely to jump into your arms and lick your face. Some exceptions exist, of course.

Cat Talk is often non-verbal

Even from a distance, you will notice some obvious signals your cat is offering. Cat talk includes the ears, posture, tail, and other body signals. When approaching a cat, it’s a good idea to try to read these signs in order to effectively relate to him.

cat talk

What your cat’s ears are telling you

cat talk

If your furry feline chooses to stretch and saunter over to rub against your leg, he is affectionately saying Hello. Of course, he may be signaling that his dinner is late, too! When he chooses to stay where he is and ignores you or pins his ears back tightly, he is showing that you are interfering with his space at the moment. Cats love their solitude and it’s possible it is his naptime.

Watch her tail, too. Like dogs, a cat communicates with her tail. Is it straight up and free? She’s probably happy to see you. Fur standing up and a wire tight tail suggest aggression. Give her a bit of space and allow her to choose to come to you when she is ready. Alternatively, offer her a favorite treat. Some cats respond well to bribery, while others refuse.

Your cat’s Meow

Cat Talk creates a life-long bond

As you learn to read your cat’s non-verbal and verbal signals, you will learn cat talk in the most natural way.Although cats are solitary animals, our domestic felines often find us to be quite amiable companions. Learn to respond to his unique voice and you will have many happy years together!


cat talk

Cat Talk, How do you communicate with your feline?

Please share your cat stories in the comment section below. If you have questions about your cat’s behavior, we will gladly help you with the solutions!

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