I’m  a practical person; I rarely go for the fad items. But when I have a problem to solve, I often look outside the box. In this case, I looked inside a box.

apricot poodleWe have a couple of older toy poodles who are mostly blind. With a busy household, they often felt insecure as people and other pets walked around the home. Sparkle, a tiny little 4.5 pound sweetheart, prefers to follow me during the day and stays with her girl, my 16 year old daughter, in the evening. But I can’t just sit and hold her all day, so I began looking at alternatives.

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Now, before you consider me a crazy pet person, and yes, I probably fit the title, I am a dog lover, but also a dog trainer. My dogs must live within our confines, albeit very adapted to pet comforts, and I don’t buy them filet Mignon while feeding our family hot dogs.  I do, however, believe that it is our job to give them the best care that we are able and consider ours to be family members.

I considered the pet carriers that you wear much like  I used to carry our children as babies. They are lightweight and do allow arm free movement. My concern was that she wouldn’t be as comfortable if I was moving around the rooms. Then I remembered how I had handled our human babies when they were small; I had one stroller that I used in and around the house for a hands free work time.

My daughter had wanted a pet stroller for her poodles when she was younger but we just never invested in one. At the time, she considered them a novelty, something cute to spoil her furkids.

Fire Sparkle Stroller 1A stroller might just be the solution to Sparkle’s travels. After much consideration, I chose a moderately priced model with good reviews to try out this approach. I needed one large enough for 2-3 toy poodles, one of whom is a little on the large size. Although Sparkle is the main consideration, Fire is usually right by my side, too, and I wanted her to be happy.

Our new stroller arrived. The assembly directions were adequate and Josh was able to put it together in just a few minutes. Sparkle and Fire love it! The padding provided was pretty thin and our girls are used to a soft bed, so I used a toddler blanket, folded several times, as an extra pad. They quickly snuggled into the blanket and ready for a nap. It reminded me of days gone by when our human children were babies. I was as happy as the poodles!

Fire Sparkle Stroller 3Would I recommend these for others? Yes, if you have a pet that needs a portable space. They come in a wide range of weight capabilities and sizes to accommodate larger dogs, too.

They would also be helpful for taking your pet on outings and even to the vet. If you use a stroller when traveling in the car, I might suggest opting for a model with a removable seat to act as a car carrier combined with a stroller. Or, use a separate car carrier or seat belt; the stroller folds neatly for storage or travels.

Fire Stroller 2Please read my full review on Amazon.  Please note that the stroller can be purchased from “other sellers” at a reduced price. I bought mine from an alternate seller at less than half the stated price, although I did have to wait about a week for it to become available.




I invite you to see the stroller we purchased at:

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