Massage for your dog, the perfect way to relax both you and your pet!

dog massage

dog massage

Dog massage:  Have you ever thought about giving your dog a massage? Doggy massages are not that hard to do, and they can really benefit your pup. Here are some reasons to try doggy massage on your furbaby.

If you have an anxious canine, a massage can help alleviate some stress. Your touch can give comfort to your dog and help him relax. You will want to use very slow and gentle strokes for the nervous pup.  If you have a really energetic puppy, a little massage can help calm them down. Just lightly stroking from the head area down to the tail can calm a nervous dog.

Massages help increase circulation in dogs and people alike. After a long walk, a nice massage and help the muscles recover. The increase in blood flow benefits your dog’s whole body and aids in digestion, too.  Stroke your dog like you are petting him, but you can usually use a little more pressure. You will have to experiment to see how firm of a touch your dog enjoys.

                You already have a special connection with your pet.

However, the act of massaging will bring you even closer. Once your dog enjoys her first massage, she will look forward to spending that special time with you. If you have a new dog, the massage can also help with initial bonding between the two of you.

Just like for humans, a massage can reduce pain. If you have an arthritic canine, your vet may suggest specific massage techniques to help control pain. If your dog gets stiff, pet the joint area first to get it warmed up. You can then place your hands, palms down, and gently apply some pressure.

After doing massages for a while, you will get to know your dog’s body. You will be able to discover any changes or abnormalities early and get your vet’s opinion before anything serious comes up.

                The best places to massage include

the chest area and the back of the neck. Just laying your hands on these areas can be relaxing for your dog. Always use a flat palm and a light touch. If you have a larger dog you can use larger strokes, but every pet is different.

                Always check with your vet,

but don’t be afraid to try a little doggy massage. Enjoy the special time with your furry friend during the massage. It should be a nice time to relax for both you and your dog. You will find that both you and your dog will look forward to your massage time together.

Essential Oils can be used with your pet, too!  Some may help reduce stress; others can be a natural defense against fleas.  

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