Meet Our Family Pets

Family pets are family members

Family pets, ours live and love as integral members of our family. Over the nfamily pets, Zoeext couple of weeks and beyond, I’ll be introducing you to our family’s pets.  You’ll meet our dogs, past and present, like the new kid on the farm, Marshmallow, long time furkids, the basset brigade, and those that live in our hearts, including Zoe.  You may read Zoe’s story, A Tribute to Zoe, here.

Also visiFamily pets, Fly puppyt with our house cat, aptly named Princess, and our bunnies, goats, and horses.  All are happily residing on our family farm, Heart of Christmas Farms, in Christmas, FL.  Our animals are part of our family, and though they might perform important functions, they are not just tools.


family pets, goldfish

Aquaponics trough where the goldfish enjoy life!


Even our goldfish, feeders of our aquaponics systems, are well cared for and enjoyed!  They have more space than most pond goldfish, better food than the average aquarium fish, and the ;luxury of being safely protected in a large, comfortable environment.  If you’d like to know more about aquaponics, you may follow me on Aquaponics , part of the Christmas Country Mom site (subscribe to keep updated!)  Many aquaponics systems use the fish for food; our fish are lifelong residents. While they function  to feed our plant, they also enhance our lives with their beauty.

I’ve been blessed to be able to enjoy many different animals of a variety of species over the years and have learned a great deal from the experience.  Animals share many traits with people, with some obvious differences, and are an integral part of our family life.

Family pets contribute great things to families

Many studies and reports  detail the benefits of having pets.  I’ve read some and I’m sure you have, too.  However, the best study I can offer is that of personal experience.  I’ve had dogs comfort me in times of emotional or physical need, cats that have purred comforting tones, and bunnies that would nestle into my neck, providing that special warmth and friendly comfort.  I also enjoy the entertainment that each can provide, and the interaction that they have with one another, as well as with us humans.  To say that our pets are part of our family seems trite, but it is quite true, as you will no doubt see as I introduce you to them.  Please feel free to share your own fur or feather kids with us, too!

Pets have been shown to help all ages, 
see how they can benefit the elderly on the 

Sr-Parents website



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