What if all pets had homes?  What if no pet adoption problems existed?

I’ve worked with many sides of pet adoption: pets needing homes or they would end up at the shelter, shelter pets with no time remaining, and pets adopted that needed help adjusting.  It’s a web of difficulties.  But there are some excellent solutions.

Before anyone starts the “no pets” or “no breeding” discussions, let me also say that I believe in responsible pet ownership and even responsible breeding.  I believe that if you allow a litter to be born, you should assume responsibility for that litter.  Find excellent homes for each, or keep them.  Keep no more than those for which you can safely care.  If a well-placed pup needs a new home, help assure that he receives it, either with you or by helping find another great home.

Why are pets in need of adoption?  Some have lost their personal buddy, perhaps an elderly person has passed on and there is no one to care for the remaining pet.  Sometimes the family has lost their income and then their home.

Many pets are in need because their family had no idea how to care for them, how to train them, or were not at all ready for a pet.  We see this at Easter and Christmas time; cute little pets are purchased as gifts, only to be unwanted and discarded within days or weeks.

What can we do to ensure each pet has a happy forever home?

The simple solution is for each of us to help.  I’m not suggesting you go to the shelter and adopt every dog that day.  Nor do you have to give money each week.  However, offering to help in a shelter and adopting when it is realistic for you to do so are just two ways to help solve the dogs in need problem.

Another way is to offer to help those in need. For instance, if your elderly neighbor finds it challenging to walk his dog when he is ill, you might volunteer to take over for a few days. If you know someone is short on money one month due to an emergency or special problem, you might offer to provide a little dog food to help them get through the month.

Likewise, if someone is having problems controlling her dog, you might consider helping with the training, if you know how to work with the problem. If not, you might find another volunteer who does.

Are you in need a training collar that works well and is safe and comfortable for your fur-friend? One that works well with many dogs, and comes in a wide variety of colors is this martingale style. They also carry a car harness to keep your friend safe when not crated.

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Helping to find solutions to enable our furkids to stay in a good home is a great way to help all dogs. The fewer dogs that need rescues or shelters, the better the chances of finding great homes for those already there.

Ideally, we will find a way to ensure that each pet has a steady and reliable loving home to enjoy throughout their life!

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