Pet Birds, Feathered Friends Make Great Companions!

Larger Parrots





pet birds

Eclectus are dimorphic (green male, red/purple female)



Amazons African Greys, and similar birds require more space and a tolerance for noise. Many of these beautiful feathered friends live several decades, requiring extra planning. Some learn to be expert talkers.






pet birds

African Grey



As with all pets, but especially with the larger parrots, study the species, its needs, and personality traits before choosing. While these birds make excellent pets, they also have specialized needs. A great pet in the wrong environment often displays unwanted behaviors and grows unhealthy.





pet birds











  1. Initial cost of the bird, cage and supplies
    1. also plan the cost of upkeep, food, etc in your budget
  2. Availability of the type of bird you like
  3. Time you have available for your bird
    1. Macaws require much more time each day than the entertaining little finch
  4. Personality match-up with you and your family members
  5. Your future plans, how will the bird fit in with them
  6. Type of care the bird needs
    1. Lories require special food and clean up, but even seed eaters enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables
    2. Can the bird be kept in a cage most of the time, such as finch, or do they need time out of the cage
  7. Compatibility with other pets you now have or plan to have




Each species of pet birdpet birdss sport a unique personality and companionship.

Once chosen, spend time with your new feather friend. Enjoy the beauty and friendship they bring to your life!



pet birds

Feather friends enhance our lives in many ways. Choosing the right bird for your family ensures many happy years of companionship!







pet birds


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