Pet Cats – Wonderful Pets for All Ages!

Pet Cats snuggle in many USA homes

pet catsPet cats continue to rise in popularity in the US. A recent survey by APPA shows an estimated 94.2 million cats live in 47.1 households. Many families share their home with two or more cats.


Why the popularity?

pet catsCats offer many benefits as a pet of choice. Easy to care for, they require few necessities. New owners often begin with a litter box and clean litter, food and water dish, high-quality food, and perhaps a few toys and scratching post. Additions such as climbing posts, window perches, and catnip keep kitty amused and happy, too.

Cats often surprise new owners with their amazing ability to communicate. Well beyond the contented purr, cats find ways to let you know what they need. They also find ways to show discontent. Learning to read your cat’s talk will help you bond and provide even more enjoyment.



pet cats

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pet catsAdditionally, your pet appreciates time with you to snuggle and purr. However, pet cats require less care than do their canine counterparts. While dogs need walks outside, cats often spend their entire lives inside, quite happily. In fact, with so many hazards outside, pet cats live longer, healthier lives when kept inside. <see outside hazards>




pet catsPoints to Consider

Do you currently have other pets? Some dogs ignore cats that share their home. Others befriend them. Some, however, need training to ensure they don’t intimidate or hurt their feline housemates.

Some people have allergies to cats that they are not aware of. Each family member should spend time with various cats before bringing one home. If allergies are found, some products for cats exist to help with mild to moderate allergies. Consult your doctor first, if you are unsure, especially if the person with allergies is very young or very old.




Choosing a new kitty

pet cats

CFA currently recognizes 41 breeds for its championship classes. 41 breeds include differences in coat type, size, and personality, offering a choice for nearly any family. Purebreds make great pets and offer the opportunity to know the background of your pet.


Most people choose to select their new pet from a shelter or a neighbor cat’s litter. Mixed breeds might not possess that pedigree but for a household pet, they often fit perfectly. While you might not know the parents and grandparents or even what breeds they might be, your cat offers love and companionship as if he were a purebred champion.



Kitten or adult?

pet cats

Many believe adopting a kitten offers the best choice for integrating into a family. Kittens are fun. They usually play more than adults and adapt to your household.

However, adult cats might prove an even better choice for many. More settled, they usually settle in and need less training to avoid bad habits such as scratching furniture. Older seniors might be another good choice. Well cared for cats may live to 17-20 years or more.



Pets for children, adults, and senior citizens

Young children love playing with cats and often develop a strong bond with their fur-friends. Working adults or those at home enjoy the less demanding companionship pet cats offer.

pet cats


However, our senior citizens might benefit even more from a feline friend. Pet cats often enjoy sitting with their person, being petted, and just hanging out together. They require no walks and make good pets for even the wheelchair bound.


Pets for Senior Citizens




Consider adding a pet cat (or two!) to your home

pet catsPet cats create strong bonds with their people. Great pets, they usually become part of the family. Consider adding one or even two to your family!





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