Your Pet Dog, Best Friend for Life

Your Pet Dog


A pet dog usually becomes a member of the family. Loyal and friendly, our dogs provide companionship and love, even when others fail.

pet dogDogs have been man’s companion and helper throughout history.  Hunters, guardians, pack animals, and friend, dogs are a constant reminder of true love, courage, and faithfulness.  While some dogs just seem to know what to do, most require some training.  Most training is not completely new behaviors, but rather modifying the dog’s natural instincts and learning to utilize his basic nature, much like training a human.


A pet dog for any lifestyle



pet dog

Lifeguard Dog in training



Are you a runner looking for an active companion? A Mom with small children at home? Love swimming? Perhaps you are a senior citizen unable to get out as you used to do.











pet dog

Angel shares a walk




Dogs share each of these activities, as well as others. Choosing a pet that fits your lifestyle ensures you share daily happiness together.













pet dog







While a marathon runner might choose an active retriever as a partner, a senior person might seek a more laid back lap dog such as a Pomeranian.


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pet dog








A Border Collie will keep up with a house of active children. Basset Hounds travel well with RV bound empty nesters.





pet dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels




Although these generalizations don’t hold true for all individuals of each breed, they show the wide variety of choices. AKC recognizes over 150 breeds; other registries host others, too.


pet dog

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