Pets with purpose, just what is a pet with a purpose?

service dogOf course we know that service dogs such as guide dogs for the blind have a purpose, as do herding dogs and police dogs.  Some dogs are trained to find bombs or drugs, others help prisoners learn skills that will help them adjust to life after incarceration.

Angel shares a walk

Angel shares a walk

But every pet has a purpose; some are just not as well defined as those I’ve mentioned.  Dogs are walking companions, a best buddy with whom to watch tv, and an attentive listener when life seems to be against us.  They often are astute at reading the mood of their human buddy and will go to great lengths to help when we are depressed, share our joy when we are happy, and snuggle whenever we need.  Dogs have been used in reading programs to entice children to learn to love reading, as therapy in nursing homes and hospitals,  and are now being used by funeral homes to ease the grieving process.

girls feeding pond fishAnd pets do not need to be of the canine species.  Catsfeeding Koi, rabbits, birds, and many others have become best friends to humans.  Fish and other aquarium pets have been known to have great purpose in the life of their humans.  Read about aquarium pets at Dr.Becker’s site.


boy and chickenkids and chickensChildren raised with pets are more confident and caring (see study) Other studies show pet ownership is correlated with better physical and mental health in children and adults.  Pets teach responsibility, while offering companionship and true commitment.  A child bonded with a pet is usually much better adjusted and finds life’s ups and downs much easier to manage.

senior woman with catsenior man with dogSeniors with pets are also in better physical, emotional, and mental health. (see info)  A pet offers companionship and requires care, giving the senior a friend that needs him.  Having a pet reduces the risk of many health problems, including heart attack and stroke.  For those unable to have a furry pet, birds in a large cage or fish may be a good substitute.  For many, a visiting pet is greatly appreciated. (see Pet therapy visits)

senior with rabbitThose reading this blog and especially this page will already know the valuable gifts our pets bestow upon us.  Sharing this with friends may help others contemplating pet ownership for themselves or a family member.  Please remember that with a pet comes great responsibility. We are responsible for their complete care, proper feeding, and endless love that they will in turn, reciprocate.

Please feel free to share your pets photos and a little about your life with them.  I enjoy hearing of how others’ lives are enriched by their pets!


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