Have you ever wondered why your cat does some of the things she does?

Cat behavior is quite distinct from other companion animals and often pet owners are just completely perplexed by their felines.  Most dogs exist for their people; they are pack animals that rely on each other and find trusting humans normally easy, providing they have not had bad experiences.

cat 1Cats, however, are solitary by nature and although they can be quite affectionate with people and other animals, it’s not in the same way.  To love a cat is to appreciate this difference and celebrate these purring, majestic creatures for what they truly are.

Like most animals, cats will form habits and will attempt to keep doing as they have been.  This is important in helping us realize when something is wrong.  Some normal cat behaviors can be found in this video:

These 7 traits will help explain some of your cat’s basic behaviors, but keep in mind that what is normal for one cat is not necessarily normal for another.  If  you have had your cat for several years and he has never rubbed against your legs, that might well be his normal.  If he doesn’t normally knead when he sits on your lap,that again,might be his normal.  Just as some dogs might lick your hand and others prefer you just pet them, cats are individuals, too.

You can read more about normal cat behaviors by clicking cat behavior.

cat behavior

cat behavior

Understanding your cat’s normal behaviors will help you determine when something is wrong, either physically or emotionally.  It can also help you with basic training and even more advanced training, which we will cover in our next cat article.  You can help create a very special bond between yourself and your cat, by understanding feline communication and habits.  

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