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Shop your local pet store? We get it. It is so much easier to pull up a website and in a few clicks, your order is done. In a few days, your pet food and supplies arrive at your door. Easy! You save time and maybe even a little money. Yes, online shopping offers some incredible benefits.

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But does it really?


In this age of social distancing, many of us are looking to complete more shopping online. Beyond the obvious convenience, we reduce our chances of contracting coronavirus and other health issues. Those with large pets or multiple pets often prefer having large bags of pet food delivered. While these concerns are real, we’d like to offer another perspective.



Looking for a Local Pet Store?

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Reasons to Shop Local

  1. Expert Information. Owners and employees answer your questions, help you solve pet-related problems, and can offer detailed information on products and pet care and training. If they don’t have the answers, they know who to contact to find them.
  2. Personal Service. For many decades, local independent pet stores have been the heart and soul of our communities. Local pet stores, owned by pet lovers, fully commit to giving their customers the very best service possible. The owners usually live in the community and offer support to the local needs, often donating to local causes. They know their customers and their pets by name. Our local independent pet store makes me feel like my patronage matters to them. And it truly does! I am so much more to them than just a nameless, faceless consumer among millions. I am an individual, with individual needs and concerns. When they thank me for my business as I walk out the door, I know that they really mean it.
  3. See It, Try It, Samples, and Product Information. When buying a new product, being able to see it in person gives you a better idea f the product and it’s potential. Need a new collar? Try it on and make sure it fits right. Moreover, you can compare products side by side. Further, why buy 20 pounds of food when you are unsure your pup will eat it? Your local pet store will usually offer a small sample to allow you to test your dog’s preference. In addition, they offer full product information.
          1. Choosing a Dog Food

  4. Freshness. Local stores make every attempt to rotate stock and ensure your pet foods and treats are fresh and high quality. They rely on repeat business and know that pet owners care about the health of their pets.
  5. Network of Professionals. Need to find a local vet or groomer? Hoping to join a local training club? Looking for a local breeder of your favorite dog breed? Your local pet store knows the community. They can offer referrals to trustworthy people and businesses. In fact, they probably have a network of pet professionals that they use themselves.
  6. Special Orders. Most local pet stores offer that customized approach. If your pet requires special food or a specific brush, your local store probably has it in stock. However, if they don’t already carry the brand you seek, most will special order exactly what you need.
  7. Uniqueness. Local independent businesses are the backbone of our communities. Each store has its own distinctive style, with unique décor and an ambiance. Customers enjoy visiting the store to stock up on pet food and supplies. It’s a comfortable place to visit, even if just to browse.


Home Delivery Options


You might prefer to have those pet necessities delivered to your home. The chain stores, franchises, and major online retailers rely on customers’ preference for this service. In fact, most people indicate the willingness to pay an extra charge for such convenience. 

Many local pet stores now offer such delivery services, too. However, their service usually goes beyond simply delivering your dog food. 

Delivery is often faster than with other pet shop options. Even more important, your local pet shop owner and personnel are available to answer your questions and give you personalized advice. With other shopping options, you might be able to speak with a person on a live chat or possibly by phone. But it won’t be the same person each time and it will not be someone who knows you personally. That makes a big difference.


Your local pet store offers the best choice for

in-store shopping and for home delivery. 

If your locally owned store does not yet offer home delivery, please ask if they are able to provide it. Many times, an owner or employee offers to help those in need of extra services, such as home delivery.

Many Reasons to Shop Local Pet Store

These 7 reasons to shop at your local pet store provide a glimpse. In fact, one of the best reasons may be the chance to take your pet with you, enjoying the time to sample products and check out possible purchases while socializing with other pet lovers. Visiting your local pet store allows you to explore various products, gain new knowledge, and find ways to improve your pet experience.



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