Your Pet Dog, Best Friend for Life

Pet dog without a pedigree?


pet dogTo expand further, mixed breeds abound and often fit perfectly into the pet dog role.  Moreover, most registries offer listing privileges. This allows non-registered dogs to compete in performance events such as obedience, agility, flyball, and more. However, AKC does not allow non-registered to compete in conformation classes.






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Dog Sports Provide fun for owners and pets

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Many people watch and participate in the dog sports available. Most areas now host obedience, rally and agility trials. Less frequently seen sports such as flying disc, flyball, lure coursing, dock diving, and herding trials provide fun for many dog-owner teams. More than competing for trophies and ribbons, these sports provide a safe way to exercise and bond with your pet dog.


Looking for another activity to enjoy with your pet? Freestyle allows the freedom to train and perform in a unique way. Dogs and their people enjoy it. One famous pair, Carolyn Scott and her beloved Golden Retriever, Rookie, have been featured as examples of what a great sport this can be.



pet dog

Best friends!

What does a pet dog need?



Whether you choose a pup or adult, mixed breed or purebred, your pet dog requires some basics to become the best dog he can be.


While an older dog might already be trained, he will need to learn what you expect. Pups need continual training to grow to be their personal best. If training is a big concern, adding an older adult dog or even a senior aged one might be your best choice.


Consider the basic supplies you need. Food and water dish are critical. Keep that water dish filled with fresh, clean water at all times. Food can be offered free choice or at regular intervals, such as twice a day.

Proper health and nutrition go hand in hand with creating a great companion.

People learn best when they feel goo d and have proper nutrition; so do dogs.  Theories on nutrition abound and our nutrition section will try to give insight into these, but the best indicator is the result with your dog. Dog Food Advisor offers some guidelines on dog food choices.

Your pet dog will appreciate a bed and many people find their dogs love having a crate to retreat to.  In additiion, consider toys and a few chews to occupy his time.

Grooming needs depend on the type of dog. Include proper brushes, combs, nail clippers and ear cleaner. A good shampoo and conditioner make bathtime easier, too. Even if you will employ a professional groomer, having the basic supplies on hand helps between appointments.

The choice of a collar or harness depends on the individual dog. Choose a lead that is easy for you to handle, too. Some chain leads hurt when the dog pulls.

Training treats help most dogs focus on the task at hand. Some prefer a training whistle or a clicker.

Finally, remember clean up supplies. Urban and suburban pet owners must clean up after their pets as they walk them. Even if you have a fenced yard, clean up is essential. It protects your yard and also your pet.

Vet needs for your pet dog

While your vet advises you on shots, worming, and other care, you benefit from researching these topics and being informed. Many types of products exist to control fleas, heartworm, internal parasites, and even odors. A good relationship with your vet benefits you and your pet dog.

More information

I invite you to read through our site. Come back often as it will be updated frequently.  If you have a question that is not yet addressed, please feel free to ask; we happily help and if it is something that I don’t have an exact answer for, I will research it for you.  Our goal is to help you and your dog to become a successful team, whether competing in dog sports, shows, or the best friends at home.

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